We provide many services that artists would normally get from signing to a record label, hiring a manager, a publicist, booking agent etc., without the scary contracts that lock artists down!  


First off, we actively promote our artists!  Other sites, such as Soundcloud, Reverbnation, etc offer a free platform to post your material but they dont promote your material! If you never shared your music fromt heir page teh world woud never hear or see it. With PMG, you can take a month off with no worries because our team would still be actively promoting you page and material to continue to give you exposurte and build your fan base.

We do not accept just anyone as a member. There is a review process that each PMG artist goes through before being allowed a membership. We will not accept hateful, extremely derogatory, or defamatory content.  Click any of the “Get Started” buttons below.

This is how the whole process works:

  • Read through and accept the terms and conditions ( This Is No Contract! We just need permission to promote your music. We also need clearance if you are using material that you do not own)
  • Pick Your Desired Package
  • We will email you submission instructions
  • Once your content is submitted we will begin the review process
  • If we decide your material is the level of quality we wish to display on PMG, we will activate your membership
  • You will receive a final notification



Silver Plan
per month
The Starter Package
1st Level Pricing
1 Submission Per Month (video or song)
Artist Page On Pardon My Grind Website(limited features)
1 Social Media Promo Biweekly On One Pardon My Grind Social Media Page
10% Commission On Ticket sells (If hired to perform for Pardon My Grind)
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Gold Plan
per month
The Pre-Pro Plan
2nd Level Pricing
2 Submissions Per Month (2 Videos, 2 Songs or 1 of each)
Artist Page On Pardon My Grind Website (full access)
Promo in rotating banner on Home page
1 Social Media Promo Weekly On A Pardon My Grind Social Media Page
Eligible For "Connect My Grind"
50% off admission for Artist plus one at all PMG events
30% Commission On Ticket sells (If hired to perform for Pardon My Grind)
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