Looks Can Kill!


Pardon My GrindYour first impression means everything! Your style, your demeanor, most of all your product. As Indie artist many of us do not have the thousands and thousands of dollars for marketing and advertising. We are walking billboards. We have to live by the A.B.P. code. This means “Always Be Promoting”. As creative artist, we are already different than most common individuals. We have a certain “swag”. I think I’m showing my age a little using that term, lol. We should use this to our advantage. We all have been out and seen that person that is dressed a certain way or has this unique persona that is intriguing right? We must become those intriguing people. We want people to speak to us. We want to get that question that is so awesome to any business owner. “What is it that you do?” This opens up conversation to discuss our passion. This gives us the opportunity to promote our music or provide cds, dvds, etc. Now once this opportunity presents itself, we have to be very careful not to lose the attention of the potential fan. At this point, your music doesn’t mean anything. You have to make this person be come a fan of your personality. Don’t get too caught up in yourself to the point that you become boring and come across desperate or even arrogant. Just be cool. Being able to work this magic on the opposite sex is a plus!

One of the biggest issues that has plagued the Indie world for years is low quality promo materials. Cd-Rs with text written on them with pens or Sharpees. Low quality photos, printed from home printers, used as cd covers and the list goes on. In 2015, we have too many options to still be doing this but unfortunately it still happens. As Indie artist, we want people to focus on our talent. We want you to listen to the product that we put our heart and soul into. Sorry, this is a new era! People could care less about your “passion” if you “packaging” looks like garbage. It would break the hearts of many hard working artist if they could see the amount of music that hits the trash before it hits the player due to a “low-budget” look. One of the greatest lessons that I learned as an Indie artist was to start investing in myself. I had to stop looking for the hand-outs, or that one connect that would fund my industry debut. I had to “Mind My Own Business” and not expect someone else to do it for me. At PMG, we want Indie artist to step it up. This is why we only showcase artist with quality sound and visuals. This is why we offer design services and other options to make sure your promo materials look high quality and professional so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. If Looks could kill…well, they can. Make sure your look brings life to your career as an artist.

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