Triq uFOURia

Triq uFOURia | Pardon My GrindKendrick Hugger (born August 26, 1988 of African descent) is a South Carolina recording artist, rapper, poet, and songwriter. Now going by the stage name Triq uFOURia from Williamston, South Carolina. Raised in a single parent home, music became the mental and emotional paradise often visited. Soon aspiring to gain and surpass the abilities of the mainstream artist of the time, he started down his poetic path. Kendrick is and was influenced by Andre 3000 along with iconic music great emcees like Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Wu Tang, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and more. One of his favorite albums is Andre 3000’s The Love Below, an album which inspired and allowed him to see artistry and unique delivery and flow.

The continuation of the childhood passion blossomed when Kendrick Hugger and his little brothers, Jeremy “One” Smith, James “Goof” Smith, and cousin Clintez “Prince AKA The Mayor” Cherry formed the Rap group MilyFA (pronounced FAMily spelled different). Kendrick went under the stage name Ken The Great, (carried on from high school). The four had great chemistry performing and growing musically together. Their first song was wrote in the summer of 1999 when they were living in Anderson, SC. The first performance was together for a small crowd at a local nightclub, the first track they had ever performed together off their free mixtape: Zone. Shortly after Kendrick graduated from college the group slowly fell apart when the four very different lives could no longer achieve a balanced schedule to create, produce, and release the new material. After loving the crowd’s response and energy Kendrick chose to venture on a solo music career.

After working with MilyFA, he later was introduced to his upcoming Greenville producer Dr. Alan Bailey better known as Alan B. who was working at the time with various other artists. At that time Kendrick was writing new songs to make a library of the solo person he had become. They started working together in August of 2012.

  • Triq uFOURia is the profound Hip-Hop artist bringing you a new take on what you know, and helping you to see Hip-Hop/ Rap differently. He takes pride in making you see the world from his abstract perspective. Triq uFOURia’s mission is to be the bridge. The objective is to open your mind.