The Elements

Gerald Thompson aka G. is a producer, rapper, writer, and sound engineer from Greenville South Carolina. His style is conscious very intelligent skilled MC, G. has been active in the music game for over 20yrs. Considered the Shaman and Hip Hop historian of the group, Gerald says he makes music that makes people think outside of the box.

Batron Blackmon aka Vega or Tron is a singer, song writer, rapper from Greenville South Carolina. Very abstract artist you never know what you will get with Tron. He describes his style as spiritual warfare with intense skills consisting of freestyle flow and soulful harmonizing….

Monteith Phillips aka Mont is a poet, author, rapper, writer, visionary and spoken word artist from Greenville South Carolina. Fluent in the arts of word play, his style is very verbally complexed, creative. Rhyming since 93’ one of the best in the game when it comes to content and skills and delivery.

Patrick S. Lewis aka Big Steve or The Graffiti Mural is a visual artist producer, singer, song writer, poet, rapper, sound engineer from Greenville South Carolina. Often called a renaissance man Steve is gifted in all elements of art from paint, singing, song writing, spoken word, and poetry. His style is more like poetic story telling than rapping inspired by Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets and the Griots of West Africa.