Prince Redeemed

Prince Redeemed/ Pardon My GrindDaVon Nelson aka Prince Redeemed, was raised in a single parent home with his mom, grandma, older brother and younger sister.  At a young age he experienced poverty, brokenness,  resentment towards his father. He dropped out of school in hopes of earning fast money in the streets. Leaving behind a full ride scholarship to the College of Charleston. He would go on to get married at a young age and later on have to endure pain and heartache from the experience.  During his marriage is when he answered the call to do kingdom music. Although he had no prior knowledge of the kingdom of God. It was God who would continue to lead him train him and change his name from redeemed to Prince Redeemed.  Now moving ahead in the music world Prince Redeemed is focused on taking the Gospel and the Kingdom to the nations through his music.