nkogniito_photo1N’Kogniito is an indie group of six lyrically-driven multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters based out of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

They bend the genres of R&B/soul, pop, funk, jazz, and blues to create a fusion of sound that embodies the essence of artists such as

Coldplay, Frank Ocean, The Roots, and John Mayer. N’Kogniito adds their authentic flare to each

original and cover song they perform – from Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off to timeless classics by The

Temptations. For this group of gentlemen, music is life! They share their passion of music to simply put

a smile on the faces of all people.

N’Kogniito was formed in 2014 by brothers Aarik and Joshua Duncan. The two were always

active musically – whether they were performing as children with their family in local churches, in school

bands, at restaurants, or together at weddings – they shared their passion for music and undeniable talents

with every audience. Aarik, the jokester of the band and the eldest of the two brothers, is a lead vocalist,

guitarist, and songwriter. As well, he’s gifted in piccolo bass guitar, piano/keyboard, and drums. Josh,

whose smile can be seen for miles away and humor keeps the band laughing, is also a lead vocalist,

saxophonist, and songwriter. He is an expert of the alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone

saxophone, as well as the piano/keyboard. Aarik and Josh linked up with Javin Finch (bass guitar), Chris

Jeffreys, Jr. (drums), Marc Figueras (rhythm guitar), and Nehemiah “Nemo” Miller (lead guitar) to form

the sextet, N’Kogniito.

In the band’s early formation, their gigs consisted of many appearances at local restaurants and

lounges. They provided background music and a mellow atmosphere for patrons. However, the main

goal was to be heard and not seen — they wished to remain incognito. When used in its adjective form

incognito simply means ‘to avoid being recognized’. Though N’Kogniito started out in the backdrop they

have etched their way into the forefront over the past few years. In March of 2017, they opened for the

“the longest-running Michael Jackson tribute band,” Who’s Bad, at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North

Carolina to a sold out crowd. Furthermore, they anticipate their upcoming performance in a stellar lineup

of artists at the 4 th Annual Art of Cool Festival in Durham, NC at the end of April 2017. The festival will

include renowned artist such as Common, Rakim, and George Clinton & Parliament Funk at Motorco

Music Hall. With their fan base growing at every performance, N’Kogniito is well on their way to being

a house-hold name. They are ready to be recognized, heard, AND seen! It’s more than just music with

N’Kogniito — they continue to share their passion for music because they believe in the power behind the

message and the positive energy that it brings to all people!