Money Menace

Money Menace/ Pardon My GrindMoney Menace born to the name of Isiah Reynolds is a 15 year old hip hop/rap artist from Virginia. Establishing a name for himself at an early age with his daring business ventures, ideas and sounds.  This young man continues to conquer goal after goal that he has set for himself as well as others. Continuing to take full advantage of his early start in the music industry. Maintaining his hunger for success and using it as fuel to drive his dreams on a steady forward pace all the while never missing a beat due to his tremendous amount of focus and determination.  Allotting space for growth and learning of his craft he plans to master every aspect of the business and continue to drive for success and become something greater with a purpose to provide positive images for the youth and those who live their dreams out on the daily. With that being said I think it’s safe to say he will soon be next up.

Money Menace is also known as one half of the popular duo the 100 Boyz and has established the ground work to becoming a leader and child mogul and together they have built a steady growing empire from their unique look and original sounds to their well put together events thrown by them and their team.  Once again continuing to build, push and grind for a better place with the understanding of  the importance of establishing both business and personal relationships.  Money Menace has developed  the knowledge to understand the concept of making, mastering and visualizing his projects as him and his team bring them to life step by step at a level that is unexplainable.  Maintaining a following and putting in place a group of promo models, clothing line and keeping the flow of some of the hottest teen parties in the DMV.  He is not only an artist in every sense of the word yet he is a well rounded individual with the potential to shine in every aspect.

Money Menace recently dropped his first solo  project titled “Blue Bill Dreaming” on spinrilla as well as released two videos from this project on youtube titled “Blue Bill$” and “Angela” . October 31, 2015 his group the 100 Boyz dropped their latest completed project entitled “Omerta She Wrote” on Spinrilla and needless to say it had an exceptional response.   He also continued to perform with his group the 100 Boyz throughout the DMV and surrounding cities as well as establish, build and lay down the ground work in other cities and states such as , VA. Beach, Atlanta, Florida, New York, Philly, North Carolina, Richmond and more .  In early 2015 the  release of their single Gold Chainz took on a life of it’s own gathering new fans, followers and listeners.  In the past few years his group has opened up for names such as Shy Glizzy, Ant Glizzy, Swipey, Rich Boy and a slew of up coming indie artist in the DMV.  100 Boyz has interviewed with multiple indie stations within the Dmv and Baltimore area as well as phone interviews with indie stations in Florida Atlanta and North Carolina. Together with his brother Tre’ Rose they have created new sound after new sound as they build a brand that is undeniable selling their t-shirts, towels, posters and packed party buses to their events.

Money Menace is a name that will continue to ring out year after year.