Lyric Kane

Lyric Kane | Pardon My GrindThe young Inland Empire Hip-Hop Princess Lyric Kane, loves performing and using her lyrical ability to reach out to others.

The aspiring artist has developed a three pronged career in Music, Acting and Dancing, successfully merging her talents into one charismatic package. Showcasing her craft in every way possible, by performing and opening for such acts and places as Sean Kingston, ROK, 2Much, The Key Club, The House of Blues, City Walk and much more.

Lyric Kane began performing at the age of five, with a local community program, in which she would sing and dance to hip hop nursery rhymes. By the age of nine she was writing and rapping her on lyrics, astonishing people all over with her incredible lyrical ability and stage presence. Having a certain charm and charisma about her that draws people of all ages to her, Lyric Kane was soon picked up by her first agent; Making appearance in shows such as Malibu’s Most Wanted, Bruce Almighty, Tears of the Sun, and Safety First Documentary. She’s also been featured as characters in several ER, Hannah Montana, and Cory’s in the House episodes.

Lyric Kane’s demo showcases just some of her many talents. She has performed in many places and settings such as, Las Vegas, Nevada, Fair Grounds, Churches, Talent Shows, TV Shows and Birthday parties. Lyric Kane loves what she does and will continue to perform where ever they’ll have her. However her ultimate goal is to get a record contract so, she can share her many talents with the world.  Lyric Kane continues her successful stint as a rapper, actress and dancer with The Character within Production Team. Lyric Kane will continue to pursue her career in the industry as an Entertainer.