Lo Key

Lo KeyBorn and raised in West Philadelphia, PA, Lo-key had a vision to turn his street dreams into reality. Coming up he was the youngest out of three raised in a single parent household. He embraced the intellect of his mother who was an educator while learning the ins and outs of the streets. These experiences gave him the drive to never stop hustling. At an early age he became infatuated with music and the ability to reach people with words. Lo-key started to jot down his own thoughts and eventually those thoughts turned into songs. He began performing at the age of 17 and it was after his first show he realized he had the ability to touch people with his music in many ways. Lo-key developed his name from his laid back demeanor and smooth distinct flow, separating him from all other rap artists. In 2008 Lo-key created a buzz on myspace generating over 100,000 hits and realized he needed to treat his hobby music more serious and turn it into a career. He is one of hip-hop’s best kept secrets, finally being revealed. Currently, he’s working on his latest project titled “Definition of a Hustler” bringing creative lyrical content back to the music industry along with a street edge, giving everyone something to vibe and relate to.