Cyanca/Pardon My GrindAt first glance you see the melanin skin, unique aura, and eccentric style. Her voice and her personality, along with her sense of fashion capture your attention but her voice commands and keeps it. Meet Cyanca. Although, born and raised in Smithfield, North Carolina by her grandparents, cultivated in the church, she is not your typical southern belle. Thru gospel music, Cyanca found her voice and passion for singing and playing the drums at just six years old. Today, she has graduated from the choir and has grown into not only an artist but also a performer.
Her musical taste is inspired by her father, and ranges from artist like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu to A Tribe Called Quest. Cyanca talents don’t just stop at singing; she is also a songwriter, producer, and musician. She currently plays the drums and keys. Cyanca started making beats at the age of 19, influenced by Ryan Leslie, Missy Elliott, Pharrell and Swiss Beatz. “ Swizz taught me to never delete anything I create because it could be worth gold later. Pharrell taught me how to expand my piano chords. Ryan taught me to make songs not beats.”

“She aspires to capture your soul”….

with her upcoming EP titled, Isle of Queens; An expression of the trials and tribulations of women, particularly the Black woman, and every emotion is shared through her music. Exemplifying that this is a “Queen Zone”, her music is a representation of the struggles women overcome every day all formatted into deep bass, electric pianos, and splashes of synths. From relationships to self-love, this album is tells a story of the ups and downs of living life thru a woman’s eyes. Experiencing a severe depression in 2012, Cyanca used her ability to sing as a source of therapy that ignited the idea of creating music to tell her own story.
When you hear songs like, New Phone, Who Dis?, and Recipe from the Isle of Queens project, you cannot help but to fall in love with this upcoming artist. Giving us Neo-soul, R&B, and a dash of alternative, Cyanca will definitely be a favorite in your music library.