Blame The Youth

It isn’t often that you come by a band made of four women of color. The traditional image of a band is typically very pale and extremely masculine in nature. In an industry and a world that is heavily saturated with the likes of men, this band, comprised of four young women from different backgrounds, will challenge those images and more.
Blame the Youth is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and includes the talents of a lead vocalist/guitarist (Phoebe), lead guitarist (Alexa), drummer (Kynadi), and bassist/backing vocals (Amber). In their music, they talk about the norm and the taboo, and they explore them in ways that will intrigue your ears and make you crave more.
They are inspired by Erykah Badu, Haitus Kaiyote, The Contortionist, Animals as Leaders, James Blake, and a host of other artists; but what genre of music is this? The band has always found it difficult to narrow it down, but in an effort to do so, they’ve chosen the description of “an eclectic mix of alternative and soulful sounds with a little rock and jazz”. Honestly the best way to find a description their music is to experience it.
They recently released their first single, Earworm, via Bandcamp and Soundcloud and are currently working on an EP. They’ve also got a list of covers in heavy rotation for whatever event presents an opportunity for a performance.