Pardon My GrindAchickwitbeatz is a music producer, songwriter and consultant at Achickwitbeatz, LLC. Her moniker is a portmanteau name derived from the words “A chick with beats”. She uses it as an ode to the uncommon and underexposed pairing of femininity and beat-making/production skills.

As a producer, she specializes in Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic genres, frequently venturing outside of anticipated norms to create vibes that evoke emotions and head nods. Her production style has earned her international airplay and the chance to work with independent artists throughout the Midwest and east coast regions as well as Dead Prez via a collaboration with WuTang affiliates Dezert Eez.

As an artist, she has released music independently via her label Casa Del Dope Beats and through the music label Intimate Venues. She enjoys occasional performances of her work to demonstrate her love for music as well as meeting and connecting with new fans and potential collaborators.

In addition to composition, she enjoys sharing information with independent artists to aid in the advancement of their careers, which led to contributing to Praverb.net and blogging at Achickwitbeatz.com.

Connect with Achickwitbeatz at Achickwitbeatz.com