A-Major Music

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Song Writer, Musician, and DJ.


AJ Wright (A-Major Music), Born and raised in Greenville, SC.

Drawn to music as a child AJ began exercising his gifts and talents, and at the age of 5 got his first drum set. From then on music was in the forefront of his life. He discovered his passion and began to explore the vast art of sound. Playing most instruments he came in contact with, he had a natural talent to play songs with no formal training or lessons. His first opportunity to share his gifts happened around the age of 10 playing drums in church. He joined the band in middle school to take his craft to the next level and exploring new sounds and instruments where he learned to read music and play the saxophone. He continued to pursue music throughout school, although as a teenager he began to move out of the box as just a musician, and began to start writing songs.

As a young teenager AJ was inspired by many different artist and people, his father being a photographer he was exposed to the music scene and concerts working with his dad. One night in particular would impact him greatly and change his life for ever. AJ went down to Atlanta GA with his dad for a photo shoot. It wasn’t until they arrived that he found out just who it was for. His dad was doing an album cover shoot for the legendary Jermaine Dupree in his studio.

At the time J.D. was very popular and was known for discovering young artist. This was the first time that AJ had ever been in a real studio, let alone with famous artist that he admired, and was a fan of. JD gave him a tour and showed him the ropes and said. “This is what I do everyday and someday you can to!” It was at that point that he decided at 12 years old that from this point on this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He continued to pursue music and song writing and in 2003 he joined a christian rap group called BraveHearts 4 Christ. In the beginning that was not much to it. The group was very young and inexperienced and with only 2 songs they had only performed for the youth at their church. With the help of a great mentor an manager the group started to get some momentum and more experience under their belt. They had a following in their local town of Greenville SC, but still just some small town kids that like to flow for Jesus. In 2005 AJ was yet inspired again with the film Hustle and Flow. Immediately after the movie, him and a friend that was in the rap group went out and found some cardboard drink holders to sound proof a bathroom in AJ’s room. His wheels were turing again and this time he knew what direction to go in. later that day his grandfather took him to a pawn shop where he bought his first beat machine.  

He played with it night and day and learned how to use it, and began to create his on style and music. He worked and saved, cut grass and everything that a young teenager could do to buy more gear. Little by little he began to piece it together until he was able to start recording his self and his group.

5 years later the group was much more serious and much bigger. They had been up and down the east coast booking shows and changing lives with the message of Christ through hip hop, reaching a crowd that would never step foot in a church. By 2008 they landed a national tour with a christian singer who had a traveling ministry named Eddie James. When the tour ended BraveHearts stopped performing as a group but stayed in close relationship with each other. Although the group had come to an end the boys continued to pursue their passions. AJ came off the road and rebuilt the studio and began to produce, engineer and help coach local artist.


Since then he has helped produce over 20 different mixtapes and albums, with countless singles for artist. He has also been the band director for 3 different bands, as well as played in 4 different bands as a keyboardist. He has and is currently running live mix shows for bands and churches, with experience in large digital and analog consoles.

He owns his own home recording studio as well as DJ’ing events and is still currently producing and engineering many different genres and artist. AJ Wright is the owner and CEO of A-Major Music and has production packages available along with studio time. For studio time, beat production, mixing your project or booking a DJ for next event please contact