About PMG

Pardon My Grind is a new entertainment source physically based in Charlotte, NC. We focus on enhancing the careers of independent artist and producers in various genres of music and poetry all across the nation.

What does PMG do? 

Pardon My Grind serves as an indie music platform where music lovers can see and hear some of the hottest independent artist around the world and stay up to date with their music and career. Not only do we serve the public by providing a great music source, we also serve our artists by filing some of the business voids in their careers. We provide our artists many services that they need but would only get by signing with a record label or hiring individual professionals. These services included but are not limited to:

  • Social Network Marketing
  • Career Consultation
  • Artists Promotion (song/video releases, events, etc)
  • Booking (performances, radio, television, etc)
  • Graphic design and print materials (flyers, posters, etc)
  • Access to high end producers
  • Access to high end studios (currently only offered in certain regions)
  • and more!

What makes PMG different from other sites? 

First off, none of our well known competition listed below are actively promoting artists.  They do provide you a free platform to post your material along with anybody and everybody but at the end of the day “no one is aware unless YOU share”. With Pardon My Grind, you can take a month off with no worries because Pardon my Grind would still be actively working to get you more exposure.

Have you ever visited Reverbnation, Soundcloud, You Tube or some of the other music sites and found yourself sifting through the garbage in order to find something good? Low quality sound recording, low quality videos or you just get tired of seeing bad or negative images. Don’t take us wrong, we still respect the art of those artists but we feel that it is better to focus on the positive and the future of the music industry which lies in our youth.With that being said, Pardon My Grind has set standards for the material we showcase. The requirements to be featured are as follows:

  • Must have high quality sound and visuals. (we do not post any low quality music, videos, or images)
  • No hateful or degrading content. (Our site is for music lovers. We will not promote any material that is hateful or degrading to any sex, race, religion, culture, etc)
  • Radio friendly content. (We know that all art isn’t squeaky clean but we do want to monitor the language so that our site can be open to ALL listeners.

These requirements are set to help our artists get maximum exposure. We do not want our artists to miss out on a potential fan, record deal, or other opportunities due to low quality or content of another artist. Our artist have not only benefit from an increased fan base but many have been booked for gigs, nominated for awards and more just from being discovered on our website or a PMG event!

What can Pardon My Grind offer You? 

Pardon My Grind applauds your efforts to improve the quality of music and entertainment that today’s listeners and viewers are exposed to. Our services are here to help build your brand, promote your music, and build your fan base. Stop allowing your career to fall behind because you lack having a team. Allow Pardon My Grind to fill some of the voids in your music business and get you back on track!

“WE are not a record label… WE are not artist management… We are your RESPECT… NOW GET IT!”

-Pardon My Grind


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